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October 29, 2018

Wow . . . that was a weekend! It's hard to believe that almost two years ago we began thinking about celebrating our time of ministry in Ottawa, and that the time has now come . . . and past! It was a great weekend . . . a fantastic banquet . . . a blessed worship service . . . and fantastic remembrances. It was great because we worked together as a church community to celebrate who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming in Christ.

Once again [I know I've already said this, but]: thanks!!!

. . . to Matt, for preparing a fantastic delightful delectable delicious meal [I could keep going until I run out of superlatives]. It was absolutely amazing!  And to his crew . . . the sous chefs, the wait staff, the cleaning crew . . . you are also appreciated!

. . . to Pierre [and those who worked with him], for the work done on the yard and building. It may not be finished yet because of the weather [here is the call for workers next year], but painting was begun, parts of the building repaired, signage replaced, the flower beds cleaned up, and preparations begun for work on parts of the parking lot for the spring.

. . . to Anna and her team . . . can enough be said? Things went smoothly because of great organization and planning. Once needs were identified we worked well together and got things done – and she kept us on track. And I'll mention Rick as well, as the two of them trimmed the out-of-control hedges through the summer. As  I said in an earlier Musings, the community has noticed our work – and that was the hope! We no longer look like a group closed to the community around – words saying "welcome" do not mean as much as a facility that says "welcome"!

The funny [not ha! ha! funny] thing is that we worked so hard to present the events – the community open house and the celebration banquet – that we didn't have time ourselves to celebrate! Sure, the banquet focussed more on the past than the present, and was a gathering of past members and friends, but still, we are celebrating us! So remember where we came from . . . remember the foundation: First Church and Grace Church . . . remember the recent past: Trinity Church and Bridlewood Church . . . but don't forget Paul's words: he who began a good work in you will carry it on. [Philippians 1:6, NIV] We build on the past but we live and work for God in the present, and He is with us . . . and will continue to guide us. So celebrate what God is doing in and through us as we continue, His church.

So the planning work is done. The celebration times are over. There may be a bit of an empty feeling, a kind-of end-of-December feeling when the presents have been opened and the left-overs finished and the tree down. Now what? That's a very good question, one we'll look at in our service this coming Sunday.

Speaking of the season to come . . . and I know, how dare I mention it?, even if the last couple of days have reminded us that autumn is nearing its end . . . soon enough we will be planning for the Advent season. In fact, it's more that soon enough . . . we have begun to set some dates already! As calendars fill quickly, please note these church activities [there may be some minor adjustments yet]:

The first Sunday of Advent is December 2 . . . we'll celebrate communion in our service as we prepare our hearts for the season.

The second Sunday of Advent is December 9 . . . it will [probably] be our day of musical celebration. Everyone who would like to share a special Christmas song or reading is welcome to participate – please see Matt as we look forward to a great time of congregational worship.

Following our December 9 service we will go out for our Festive Fellowship at a nearby restaurant.               

The third Sunday of Advent is December 16. We will gather for our annual open house and fellowship at the parsonage at 6:30pm [everyone is invited to bring along a tray of finger food to share].

The fourth Sunday of Advent is December 23 . . . a time of worship and wonder as we look to the manger and the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

Christmas Eve we'll gather for our candlelight service . . . a time of joyous reflection of the incarnation. Our service will begin at 7pm.

Matt will share our year-end message in our December 30 worship service.

Missed in the excitement of our weekend is the fact that David was not with us in our service Sunday . . . he was a little busy at his graduation ceremony! We offer him our sincere congratulations.

The dreams of an interactive prayer time continue, as do our hopes to live-stream our Sunday services via Facebook video. We will "piggy-back" into the system the Spanish Church is setting up. Unfortunately, things are taking longer for them than expected.

We'll keep you updated and will be "on the air" as soon as we can.

Sundays . . .

  • Nov 04:        Now What?
  • Nov 11:        Can I? Will I?
  • Nov 18:        Wish . . .
  • Nov 25:        Being Prickly for Jesus
  • Dec 02:         I Doubt It!
  • Dec 09:         Musical Celebration
  • Dec 16:         I'm Not So Sure
  • Dec 23:         I'm Going to Believe
  • Dec 24:         I Will Celebrate
  • Dec 30:         Matt Speaking

Church Life in November . . .

  • Nov 01:        Congregational Prayer
  • Nov 02:        Worship Team Practice
  • Nov 02:        Youth Alive Teen Activity
  • Nov 08:        Young Adult Discussion
  • Nov 09:        Worship Team Practice
  • Nov 09:        Youth Alive Teen Activity
  • Nov 15:        YouthSpace
  • Nov 16:        Worship Team Practice
  • Nov 16:        Youth Alive Teen Activity
  • Nov 22:        Bible Study
  • Nov 23:        Worship Team Practice
  • Nov 23:        Youth Alive Teen Activity
  • Nov 30:        Worship Team Practice
  • Nov 30:        Youth Alive Teen Activity