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December 10, 2018

On the night that Jesus was born an angel – with a multitude of the heavenly host – sang  “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” [Luke 2:14]. Yesterday we praised and gave glory to God through music and story at our annual Christmas musical celebration. Thank you, all who participated. It was an enjoyable and inspiring time [see the pictures on our photo display]

Afterwards, there was group song . . . something that we'll need to work on for next year! Oh, and thanks to our "back-up band" as well!

Following our service we headed out for our Festive Fellowship . . . another great time together.

This coming Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent. We'll light the third of the four Advent candles that remind us of the incarnation as we continue the commemoration of the birth of the Christ Child. Our message looks at Mary and at her response to the angelic announcement: I'm Not So Sure! as we continue our series not your usual attitudes.

We will gather for our annual open house at the parsonage this coming Sunday evening . . . please join us for a relaxing time of fellowship, beginning at 6:30.

The fourth Sunday of Advent is December 23. Our sermon series continues as we look at the birth of the Christ Child . . . a time of worship and wonder in the fulfillment of the promise. Our message: I'm Going to Believe.

Christmas Eve we'll gather for our candlelight service at 7pm . . . a time of joyous reflection of the incarnation. We will conclude our series with the message            I Will Celebrate.

We do appreciate those who brought poinsettias to help decorate the sanctuary.

Have you been following along as we read through the Christmas story this Advent? Join me as we read through the story slowly so that we can fully reflect on its meaning as we turn our hearts toward Christmas. This week, the promise fulfilled:

  • December 10   Luke 1:46-55                    
  • December 11   Luke 1:57-58
  • December 12   Luke 1:59-66                    
  • December 13   Luke 1:67-80
  • December 14   Luke 1:56                          
  • December 15   Matthew 1:18-24
  • December 16   Luke 2: 1-7                        
  • December 17   Luke 2:8-20

Compassion as a Lifestyle is the theme [the challenge] of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. Inspired by Jesus, who said whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me [Matthew 25:40],  we look beyond ourselves to see the needs of others – and act in His name to do something great for Him.

Eliezer Garcia Suarez is the 12-year-old son of Pastor Norma Suarez Niles and Jesus Garcia Oberto of the Unas Church in Cuba who died in the plane accident in Cuba last May. We have made a commitment to meet his needs by giving $30 a month for the next 10 years [along with birthday and Christmas gifts].

If you would like to be part of the support team, please indicate Child Sponsorship on your tithe envelope  or through your on-line giving.

The Fifth Annual CHRI Pajama Drive is underway. The station is asking for donations of new PJs, which will be distributed through local and rural food banks and to given to families who face difficult challenges such as poverty, addiction, domestic violence and mental health challenges.

The Pajama Drive will continue until the end of February. Click here for more information.

Have you started a reverse advent calendar? Instead of eating a chocolate treat every day, place a non-perishable food item in a basket each day of Advent and on the 24th take the basket to a food bank.

Denominationally . . . the 2017-2018 Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Canada gift catalogue can be found on-line [click here to access a copy; you can also pick one up from the table at the back of the sanctuary]. You can give through the church or directly to NCMC either on-line [click here] or by mail. 

We recently celebrated a wedding . . . David and Pam. Now, we celebrate with Derrick and Christine and congratulate their son Matt on his engagement to  Zoe. We will share wedding details as we are made aware of them.

Social does not just refer to media – it refers to people actually getting together, something that we do well. However, according to some in our congregation we don't do it enought. In response to this [and because the trial run was a greatly appreciated], a coffee fellowship time will take place following our service the first Sunday of every month. Plan to visit together after our January 6 service.

Pick-up of your orders of Purdy's Chocolate [this year's Nursery School Christmas fundraiser is this coming Sunday. Enjoy!

Sundays in December

  • Dec 16:         I'm Not So Sure
  • Dec 23:         I'm Going to Believe
  • Dec 24:         I Will Celebrate
  • Dec 30:         Matt Speaking

Church Life in December . . .

  • Dec 05:         Congregational Prayer
  • Dec 07:         Worship Team Practice
  • Dec 07:         Youth Alive Teen Activity: Swimming at Splash Wave Pool
  • Dec 09:         Congregational Celebration of Music 
  • Dec 09:         Festive Fellowship, at St. Hubert's Chicken
  • Dec 13:         Young Adult Discussion
  • Dec 14:         Worship Team Practice
  • Dec 14:         Youth Alive Teen Activity: Christmas Party, at Matt's
  • Dec 16:         I'm Not So Sure, Pastor Frank Speaking
  • Dec 16:         Parsonage Open House, 6:30 pm
  • Dec 21:         Worship Team Practice
  • Dec 23:         I'm Going To Believe; Pastor Frank Speaking
  • Dec 24:         Christmas Eve Candlelight Service; 7:00 pm
  • Dec 30:         Matt speaking