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January 14, 2019

We have begun our series looking at the Old Testament Covenants. Because it helps to know what we are talking about, we have this definition: a covenant is an agreement – a binding agreement between two or more parties. When we speak of Biblical covenants, we are referring to instances where God has entered into an agreement with mankind that involves both promises and responsibilities for each party.

Yesterday I pointed out that we find two different types of covenants in Scripture: conditional and unconditional. A conditional covenant is God saying “I will do this if you will do that.” An unconditional covenant is God saying “I will do this” regardless of what we may do. Many people look at Christianity as a conditional covenant: if you are a good Christian you will go to heaven – and they are right, in some ways. However, they forget His unconditional-ness – that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us and that God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son – even before any condition was set. We'll talk about that to conclude the series.

To begin the series we looked at Eden – at Adam. As you read [or] remember the message, keep in mind that there are some who feel that these are two different covenant promises andthat there are some who feel that these are not covenant promises at all!

Regardless, we looked at Genesis 2:15-17 and Genesis 3:14-19 and read that even though Adam was told not to eat from the tree of knowledge, he did [blame him for all of the problems in the world!]. The harsh takeaway from our message is that if you disobey . . . you will pay. Thankfully, there is a better not-so-harsh way to look at this incident . . . a simple encouragement to run from temptation so we do not fail and fall. Click hereto download and read our message.

Next Sunday as we continue our series we will look at the covenant God made with Noah following the great flood. This is a difficult story to read [we so often focus on the floodwaters receding and the meaning of the rainbow but ignore the reasons for the flood in the first place]. We'll look at those reasons and at the outcome/consequence of what happened.   

Mark Your Calendar . . .

Our annual International Dinner and Food Fair Fellowship in celebration of our relationship with the [now] churches we have partnered with in Cuba will take place following our February 24 service. This is a potluck fellowship: please bring a meal representing your heritage/culture as we eat together.

We will also receive an offering for the pastors and congregations of La Maquina and Almendares churches [and will throughout the month of February].

A day of celebration . . . we want to honour David and Pamela on their recent marriage, and will hold a shower for them after our March 3 service. Matt will host a potluck lunch at his home. More details will be announced as the event is finalized. We are collecting a "congregational cash gift" . . . please see one of your board members if you would like to contribute.

Again this year we have the opportunity to skate at the Governor General's residence/Rideau Hall. Our congregation has the rink to ourselves for the evening of Friday March, 8 from 7:00-8:30 pm. Plan to come out to this family fellowship time and an evening of fun . . . invite someone to come with you!

Bridlewood will host a celebration service March 24 at 7:00 pm. As well, we will meet with the Bridlewood congregation for services during Holy Week again this year: Monday and Wednesday at Bridlewood at 7:00 pm; Tuesday and Thursday at Trinity at 7:00 pm, and Good Friday at Bridlewood at 4:30 pm [April 14-21].

We will hold our spring service of music and celebration in our April 28 service. We encourage everyone to participate . . . to sing  . . . to read . . . to share something! Matt will speak to us about our participation closer to the date.

Members of the Ottawa Misfits motorcycle group have been invited to and will join us on May 26. We will prepare breakfast for the group and they will join us in our worship service before a "blessing of the bikes". Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory. Our message: We're All Misfits!

The church dishwasher is no longer operational and needs to be replaced. Please let one of our board members know if you hear of a used one that is available [as a gift or for sale].

We are in the process of updating our church directory – would you help us by making sure that the information we have is current? Check the bulletin board to see "what we have on file". We make the updated directory available [print or digital] at the end of January.

The promise of and hope for our services being streamed live continues . . . but only as a promise and hope. The Spanish congregation continues to work on the logistics of providing the equipment for the stream [they are anxious to stream their services as well]. We'll keep you posted on what is happening . . .