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April 8, 2019

Spring. Spring! Maybe if I say it often enough it will actually come. I had an appointment to change my tires from winters to summers tomorrow . . . it will be delayed. And the little green sprigs of flowers that were peeping out of our front garden [Tulips? Crocuses?]. They'll be buried again when I wake up in the morning, I fear. But it's only the beginning of April. Warmth and sunshine will soon come. Or so I keep telling myself!

Buried flowers remind me of the season we are about to enter into and of our coming emphasis on the resurrection. Sunday coming we will look at the Triumphal Entry. From there we enter into Holy Week and a deep time of reflection. The joy of the week leads us to Good Friday and the dismay of all that transpired that day. And then . . . celebration! Easter.

Over the past number of Sundays we looked at some the statements of Jesus from the cross – the CrossWords. We saw the ultimate expression of Forgiveness and the wonderful hope of Promise, followed by an absolute sense of Despair. Last week we looked at the end of Jesus' life and at the finality of what happened on the cross and at what it meant . . . we saw Completion.

Yesterday we ended our series by looking at those last words of Jesus . . . words that talk of the finality of His life but remind us of the beginning or renewal of our own spiritual lives. Into Your hands, we read. From those words we saw Commitment and we were reminded of our own commitment to Him when we said that we would follow Him.

How that plays out in your own life? Well, that depends on the level of your commitment, doesn't it? I asked [yes, I was getting personal!] if you are living like you are called to live and loving as you are called to love. I asked if you were all His. All in. [Fully] committed [can you be only partially committed?]. Click here to download a copy of the message.

Passion Week – or Holy Week – begins next Sunday. The week begins on Palm Sunday – see the crowds and the adulation, join in a day of joyous celebration with the followers of Jesus, as He rode into the city of Jerusalem, seen as [or at least hoped to be] the conquering king. High and lift up as a hero . . . no one could imagine that within a week He would be high and lifted up on a cross.

On Palm Sunday we see a pre-funeral. We see the most joyful funeral procession ever as we look at the Triumphal Entry. Our message is of Celebration! [palm branches will be available]

During Holy Week we will join with Bridlewood Church for services that will lead us to Easter . . . Monday through Thursday evenings at 7:00, and a service on Good Friday at Bridlewood at 4:30. Each church will host her own Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday services. 

  • Monday at Bridlewood:           The Journey
  • Tuesday at Trinity:                    Challenged
  • Wednesday at Bridlewood:     Crestfallen
  • Thursday at Trinity:                  Committed
  • Good Friday: at Bridlewood: Tennebrea – a Service of Reflection

And then . . . Easter Sunday . . . sadness and gloom dissipated as the Son rose! The dashed hopes were resurrected with the rising of the Son of God from the tomb. Easter Sunday was the end of everything that came out of the Garden of Eden and the beginning of everything that mankind could ever hope for. It really was our rebirth . . . and the Consummation of what Jesus came to do. Invite someone to join you for our celebration service. Feel free to bring some flowers to decorate the sanctuary . . . daffodils or tulips or lilies [be aware that some people have allergic reactions to lilies].

Yes, we have set a high goal for our Easter Offering and it is a lot to ask, especially after the expenses of our past year. We remember that the Easter Offering supports our World Evangelism Fund – supports our ministries to share the Good News of Jesus [the meaning of Easter!] across the world.                                                                                                     

Please . . . pray carefully about what God would have you give in this special offering. Our goal is to raise $1,750 in directed giving to this, over and above our regular offerings.

Surprise!!! Those who were able to join us for our service yesterday came into the building to discover that work had been done since the previous Sunday – there were new windows in the back rooms: the nursery/Miss Vicki's Place, the Red and Blue [Sunday School] rooms, and what was once the sound room but is now the nursery school office/future classroom. The nursery school had applied for and had received grants to improve their work space and in particular change out the windows [something that we knew long ago needed to be done]. The windows were in worse shape than we had imagined – of some of the bases were badly rotted. Thankfully, all of the work done within the budget set and the grant money received. We'll post some "before and after" pictures next week.

Our partnership with the nursery school, the garden, and the Hispanic church continues to be positive as we "host" them as a community hub.

Our spring service of music and celebration is planned for April 28 – we encourage everyone to participate . . . to sing  . . . to read . . . to share something! Matt will speak to us about our participation closer to the date.

This year's Annual Meeting will be held following our May 5 worship service. Our message – Looking Back – will celebrate the year past and will look to the year ahead. Ministry reports [including a financial report and our budget] will be shared; a sandwich potluck will follow.  

We have invited the members of the Ottawa Misfits motorcycle group to join us on May 26. We will prepare breakfast for the group and they will join us in our worship service before a "blessing of the bikes". Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory. Our message: We're All Misfits!

It's that time. Really, it is! Time to start thinking about spring . . . if you can! Time to start thinking about "green" and "outside" . . . if you can. Time to start thinking about gardening . . . if you wish Our community garden registration night is April 24. A few plots are available this year to be distributed at the meeting. Talk to Anna or Pierre for more information.

Yesterday was the sad memorial of the bus accident in which sixteen members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey organization were killed. As you know, out of tragedy came – and comes – hope, through Logan Boulet's initial gift of life to many through his willingness to donate his organs [and his parents' willingness to honour his wish to do so] and others who followed his example.

While I did not mention this in our message or in our announcements yesterday, you need to know that I disagree with those who make organ donation a spiritual issue and say that God does not want us to donate our organs . . . and yes, there are those who say that we need to be resurrected "whole" on the last day and that to be "whole" we cannot give our organs on death. While some may try to twist Scripture regarding this issue, there is nothing biblical about not being an organ donor.