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April 15, 2019

It is gloomy and dank and wet and sloppy and foul and raw and dismal and dreary . . . and I wouldn't have it any other way! It is spring – finally! I say let the rains come and wash away the snow [even if I am awakened by a huge crack of thunder in the middle of the night]. I say let the water pool in the street for a bit [it will eventually drain], I'll drive carefully and not splash the people on the sidewalk. I'm singing: spring, spring, glorious spring! The sun will shine and the sky will turn blue and the grass will turn green and we will celebrate that we have survived another winter!

Speaking of dismal celebrations . . . it is Passion Week – Holy Week. The week began that Palm Sunday as a day of joyous celebration with Jesus riding into town, hailed as King. As the week progressed the joy turned to confusion, as He did not act "according to assumption". The conquering King showed Himself to be so much less that what was assumed He would be . . . leading to Good Friday and the crucifixion.

In yesterday's message we looked at the Triumphal Entry and at how the day was "punctuated" . . . at how the King is coming was seen by different groups of people: some positive, some negative, and some uncertain – which is in fact how people see Jesus today . . . some see Him [and the church – that is, you and I] in a positive light, some in a negative light, and some are just uncertain and unsure.

Regardless of how they see us, what is important is how Jesus sees us, and how we act in this world as transformational people – as transformed nonconformists, as Martin Luther King names it. He said that the world will only be changed through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority. Click here to read the rest of this quote [and yesterday's message]. And remember our call to follow Jesus is a call to make a difference in our world in the same way that Jesus has made a difference in us.

Again this Holy Week we will join with the Bridlewood congregation for services that will lead us to Easter. We will alternate churches Monday through Thursday evenings at 7:00, with a Tenebrae [a service of "shadows"] on Good Friday at Bridlewood at 4:30pm . . . readying us for a service celebrating the resurrection on Sunday.

  •             Monday at Bridlewood:              The Journey               Pastor Frank speaking
  •             Tuesday at Trinity:                       Challenged                Pastor Charmaine speaking
  •             Wednesday at Bridlewood:        Crestfallen                 Pastor Frank speaking
  •             Thursday at Trinity:                     Committed                Pastor Charmaine speaking
  •             Good Friday: at Bridlewood:      Tennebrea                  a Service of Reflection

And then . . . Easter Sunday. Sadness and gloom dissipated with the rising of the Son of God from the tomb.  Dashed hopes were resurrected with Him. Easter Sunday was the end of everything that came out of the Garden of Eden and the beginning of everything that mankind could ever hope for. It was our rebirth . . . and the Consummation of what Jesus came to do.

Easter Sunday is one of the "high" days of the Christian church, and a day friends and family are most likely to join you at a service. Invite someone to attend service with you!

Feel free to bring some flowers to decorate the sanctuary on Sunday . . . daffodils or tulips or lilies [be aware that some people have allergic reactions to lilies].

Yes, we have set a high goal for our Easter Offering and it is a lot to ask, especially after the expenses of our past year. We remember that the Easter Offering supports our World Evangelism Fund – supports our ministries to share the Good News of Jesus [the meaning of Easter!] across the world.                                                                                                                                           

Please . . . pray carefully about what God would have you give in this special offering. Our goal is to raise $1,750 in directed giving to this, over and above our regular offerings.                                                                                                     

Our spring service of music and celebration is two Sundays away. We encourage everyone to participate . . . to sing  . . . to read . . . to share something! If you haven't done so yet, talk to Matt and let him know what you will do, so that he can prepare the order of service.

This year's Annual Meeting will be held following our May 5 worship service. Our message – Looking Back – will celebrate the year past and will look to the year ahead. Ministry reports [including a financial report and our budget] will be shared; a sandwich potluck will follow.  

A number of the Ottawa Misfits motorcycle group will join us on May 26, at our invitation. We will prepare breakfast for the group and they will join us in our worship service before a "blessing of the bikes". Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory. Our message: We're All Misfits!

I can hear the sighs of relief [ahhh]!The snow is almost gone, and with that come plans to be outside. That means that it is time to start thinking about gardening. Our community garden registration night is April 24. A few plots are available this year and they will be allotted at the meeting. Talk to Anna or Pierre for more information.

A church work day is being organized for Saturday May 4. Please help us out as we clean and repair the building and property after the winter. There is work to be done inside and outside . . . "share" your morning with us! We'll ask the other groups who use the building to join us and work with us in our tasks.

Be sure to take a minute to look at the new windows in our classrooms, courtesy of the nursery school. Note also that the deck by the fellowship hall has been replaced. 

Upcoming Services

  • Apr  15   Holy Week service, at Bridlewood, 7:00 pm
  • Apr  16   Holy Week service, at Trinity, 7:00 pm
  • Apr  17   Holy Week service, at Bridlewood, 7:00 pm
  • Apr  18   Holy Week service, at Trinity, 7:00 pm
  • Good Friday: service at Bridlewood, 4:30 pm
  • Apr  21   Easter Sunday: Consummation
  • Apr  28   a day of Music and Celebration
  • May   5   Looking Back – our Annual Meeting
  • May 12   Pondering . . . a message for Mother's Day
  • May 19   somnambulation . . . sleepwalking through life
  • May 26   We're All Misfits!