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April 24, 2019

Spring, glorious spring [sung to the tune of Oliver's Food, Glorious Food]. It appears that it has finally arrived. Creation seems to call out newness. Not only is it spring, Monday was Earth Day. People still ask about the church being involved in a secular day "that glorifies the earth". Some wonder if Christians are being taken in by a neo-paganism. I say huh? Really? The fact is that over the years the Christian Church has not fulfilled her duty to creation care – care of God's creation – and has given over the emphasis to a secular society – to our shame.

Sunday was Easter, so I did not speak about our responsibility to this Creation . . . but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be on our minds! Read this article by Tim Mascara. Enjoy your world. Take care of our world. And thank God for His amazing creation.

Our Holy Week services with the Bridlewood Church took us on the journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and the Cross. We were challenged by Jesus. Some were crestfallen by the challenge. Others accepted it and committed to follow Him fully . . . in spite of the shadow of the cross.

We sing of the wonderful cross! It was not wonderfulfor the followers of JesusFriday as they saw Him nailed to it . . . as they watched Him die, despised, rejected. The cross is nothing without Sunday – the tomb empty! As Dr. NT Wright said, the bodily resurrection of Jesus isn't a take-it-or-leave-it thing, as though some Christians are welcome to believe it and others are welcome not to believe it. Take it away, and the whole picture is totally different.

A secular society will mock those who believe in an empty tomb and will even try to explain the empty tomb away, but our hope is based on a Risen Saviour. Life here on earth [life that points to life eternal] is, dare I say, flavoured differently because of the resurrection . . . because death is conquered by life. Senses come alive. We become aware that there is more to life. The drudgery of day-to-day living is overtaken with purpose . . . all because Jesus is alive! As I said in Sunday's message, The resurrection is the building block for the Kingdom of God on earth as we live toward the Kingdom of God in heaven. Click here to download our message.

Again this year we set an ambitious goal for our Easter Offering – as we usually do. The offering supports our World Evangelism Fund – through our giving we are able to be part of sharing the Good News of Jesus [the meaning of Easter!] around the world. Those who were not able to give to this year's Easter Offering last week can still do so this coming Sunday.

Our spring service of music and celebration is this coming Sunday. We look forward to a great day as a number of people in our congregation will share their gifts and talents "to the glory of God". There is still time to talk with Matt if you would like to participate to sing, read, share . . . whatever!] 

This year's Annual Meeting will be held following our May 5 worship service. Our message – Looking Back – will celebrate the year past and will look to the year ahead. Ministry reports [including a financial report and our budget] will be shared; a sandwich potluck will follow.  

We are looking to a great day of ministry May 26, as we have invited the Ottawa Misfits motorcycle group to join us for our service. We will prepare breakfast for the group before our worship service, which will be followed by a "blessing of the bikes". Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory. Our message: We're All Misfits!

A church work day is being organized for Saturday May 4. Please help us out as we clean and repair the building and property after the winter. There is work to be done inside and outside . . . "share" your morning with us! We'll ask the other groups who use the building to join us and work with us in our tasks.

The Ottawa Hospital is looking for donations for their emergency clothing cupboard. Trinity Church has agreed to be a "pick-up point". Clothing is provided to patients who do not have appropriate clothing due to accidents traumatic incidents, or homelessness. A collection box can be found on the bench in the [upper] fellowship hall. Pick-up day is May 3ish.