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May 14, 2019

Well, we did it! It was supposed to be a "beta" event; that is, it was in the trial stage. That was my idea, anyway. It turns out that there is no "beta" when you go live on Facebook, so our attempt at live streaming our service went out to anyone and everyone who wanted to watch – or got a message that something was happening.

We've heard back from those who watched and from those who tuned in later [to be honest, I'm not sure how the streaming live and watching later works, but I'm told it can be done]. There are a few glitches to figure out . . . audio, for example, and camera set-up. But by and large it seems that everything ran smoothly. So if you are unable to attend our service you can still attend our service! Just go to our Facebook page [click here] at 11:00 and join us in worship.        

So . . . Doris Day passed away this morning. I only bring this up because I referenced her yesterday in our message, and even hinted that those who didn't know who I was talking about should look her up. Her wikipedia page details her life; the song I referenced is – of course – on YouTube.

Our Mother's Day message "mused" on Mary's possible ponderings as she held her little boy in her arms that first Christmas-time So much had happened even before that day arrived – the angelic visits [to her and to Joseph] with strange promises and instructions, then the visits by the shepherds and the wise men . . . what did it all mean? And then of course the natural concern about His future.

As I said, All she knew was that God was going to do something special in and through His life. Other than that, all she could do was pray for Him and teach Him how to love and live . . . to guide Him into becoming the best person He could become. Much like mothers do today. And for that we who are children are ever thankful. Click here to download the message to read.

That . . . was Sunday past. What about Sunday to come? First of all, I guess . . . an explanation, because I saw the looks on faces when I previewed next Sunday's message and introduced it with "the slide". That particular slide has been on our pre-service slideshow for the past month . . . I guess that people had just not had a good look at it before it was just . . . there. And I guess I hadn't taken a good look at it before either! Oops. All I can say is that it is the picture that Wikipedia uses in its article on somnambulism.

Somnambulism. Sleepwalking. Let's hope that none of us acts like that in our sleep. And if you don't know what picture I'm talking about . . . sorry, but I'm changing it! But I'm not changing the topic of our discussion . . . we will still look at Sleepwalking Through Life – something that far too many of God's people seem to do. They turn their lives over to God and then . . . well, I'm getting ahead of myself. We'll continue the "discussion" in our service. No sleeping allowed!

One of the things that excites me about being part of Trinity Church is the willingness to try new things. While the first thought following a new idea presented may be "we've never done it that way before", the words aren't immediately uttered. We think about different suggestions before we accept or reject them: rather than saying "that won't work" we ask "how can we make that work?" Which brings us to May 26.

We are looking at a new ministry opportunity on the 26th. We have invited the Ottawa Misfits motorcycle group to join us for our service [and thank you for supporting me in this new idea!]. We will prepare breakfast for a small number of the group at 9:30 before moving into our worship service – which will be followed by a "blessing of the bikes". We'll have a sign-up list prepared for Sunday, as we're asking for help cooking, serving, and cleaning. We're expecting up to a dozen people to join us, though we won't know for sure until they arrive.

Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory [and I'm open to other suggestions for reaching out in Jesus' name if you have any]. Our message on Sunday: We're All Misfits!

But before the 26th is the 25th. We continue to refresh and improve our church property [an aside: there is still raking and general clean-up of the grounds to be done this spring]. Once it warms up [it will warm up eventually, won't it?] we'll finish the painting of the siding and windows that was started last year. We'll continue trimming/pruning trees, bushes, and hedges. And we [that's the "royal we"] will remove the "bump" by the parking lot – the roots of the tree stump – and gravel the area. And that's where the 25thcomes in.

Members of the Spanish congregation have offered to do the "grunt work" – the majority of the work, in fact, for which we are thankful. We'll rent a bobcat; they'll "dig away" then fill the hole in [with gravel]. However, they need our help [it's only fair]. The gas pipe to the building runs at the side of the grassed area beside the sidewalk leading to the church, and must be hand-dug. Can you help out for a bit on Saturday morning? It'd be great if we could have a nice crew, working together to get the work done.  

Dr. Riley Coulter will join us the weekend of June 1-2 and will again share a seminar on Wills and Estate planning. Reports are that a large percentage of Canadians do not have a will or a plan for their future [other than winning the lottery]. We are opening the seminar to others in our community – invite someone to the seminar to learn!

The teens held their second – or is it their third – last event of the year this past Friday . . . they cooked together then enjoyed a great meal. May 31 they will gather for an "all-nighter" [Matt has more courage than I do]; the year ends with a celebration of worship – a youth service – June 16. They'll take the summer off [although they always seem to sneak an activity or two in during July and August] before returning in the fall . . . with new members, new energy, and the same great leader.