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May 21, 2019

Two weeks in a row with . . . no, not nary a hitch, but pretty close! And the hitches were due more to operator error than to the technology [although we have discovered that our computer is not "strong enough" to support everything seamlessly]. We're learning, though. Our services will be live-streamed from now on – just go to our Facebook page Sunday mornings at 11:00 [click here] and join us in worship from wherever you may be. The services are also saved on Facebook and you can watch them any time.          

Sunday we looked at somnambulism – sleepwalking through life. We looked at John's letter to the church at Laodicea – the unpalatable church. God said The people I love, I call to account – prod and correct and guide so that they’ll live at their best. Up on your feet, then! About face!  Not that we need rebuking [perhaps] . . . but then again, each of us is at our own point along the spiritual journey, so a wake-up call is always good.

The message – with a hot coffee reference and a Toronto Raptors reference – can be downloaded here or watched with the rest of our service on our Facebook page.

This coming Sunday is an exciting day for me – and a terrifying day! I am excited that our church cares so much about the spiritual lives of people that don't know Jesus that you are willing to provide breakfast for a group of people you have never met. I refer, of course to the Misfits Motorcycle Group [not club].   

There are 447 members of the Misfits. Maybe a dozen will join us. Probably less. But we will have the opportunity to interact with those outside of any church and will be able to show the face of Jesus to those who do come.

Breakfast is scheduled for 9:30 am. There was a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for those who are willing to help provide food. Call or e-mail me [at the church] if you were not able to sign for anything but would like to [we are still missing a few items]. Call or e-mail me if you are willing to help with set-up, cooking, serving, or clean-up. I'll be at the church at about 8:30 to get things started.

Following breakfast we'll move into our worship service, at 11:00 am. It will be a more informal service than usual . . . I'll be in jeans, as there are activities with the group to follow. In our message we'll look at the fact that We're All Misfits – in fact, Jesus calls us to be misfits, radically following Him and not tied to the world in which we live.

Following the service there will be a "blessing of the bikes", as we pray for those who ride and for those who don't. Later in the afternoon there will be a Rusty Riders Refresher Course for riders, which will tie in to a special offering we will receive for the Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project. Money raised will be used in purchasing motorcycles for pastors on the mission field where such a vehicle will increase their ability to share the gospel message.

Pray that God will bless and use this outreach opportunity for His glory [and I'm open to other suggestions for reaching out in Jesus' name if you have any].  

We had hoped to continue to refresh and improve our church property [an aside: there is still raking and general clean-up of the grounds to be done this spring] this coming weekend by removing the "bump" by the parking lot – the roots of the tree stump – and graveling  the area with members of the Spanish congregation.

We have, unfortunately, had to postpone this work until later in the summer.  

Dr. Riley Coulter will join us the weekend of June 1-2 and will again share a seminar on Wills and Estate planning. Reports are that a large percentage of Canadians do not have a will or a plan for their future [other than winning the lottery]. We are opening the seminar to others in our community – be sure to invite someone to the seminar to learn!

A memorial service remembering David Rapkins will be held following our June 23 worship service. Everyone is invited to stay as we celebrate his life. We may not have known him long, but he made an impact on the people who were able to get to know him.

The Eighty-Fourth Annual District Assembly of the Canada Central Church of the Nazarene will be held at Toronto Emmanuel Church June 7-8. I will be there representing Trinity Church as well as fulfilling my duties as District Secretary. I will not be back for our service Sunday June 9 – Pastor Lloyd will share in our service that day.