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May 27, 2019

I feel a little bit like the Apostle Paul today [just a little]. In dealing with the church at Corinth, he wrote I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase [1 Corinthians 3:6]. For me it's I had an idea, you as a church ran with it, and we are trusting God for the increase.

Yesterday was our "Riders Day". I [with our church board's blessing] invited a group of people that I spend time with to a breakfast [provided by the church] and service, which was to be followed by a "blessing of the bikes" before the group headed out on a spring refresher course. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I started talking about it. I'm pretty sure the board may have been a little . . . hesitant . . . but they said to go for it, so I did.

The invitation went out; 9 of the group said they'd attend and another 9 said "maybe". Six members of the group – the OTTAWA MISFITS – actually joined us. And they stayed for it all – breakfast, service, blessing, and refresher. And were very gracious in their thanks and in their mentions of the church, following. In fact, one of the members asked if we were going to do it again next year!

So . . . breakfast. First, thanks for jumping in when I wasn't as organized as I thought I was as the day finally arrived. Then, to all who brought food, came early to help set up, cook, serve, and clean up and tear down . . . my heartfelt thanks. And to all who prayed that God would do something amazing with what we were doing . . . I believe He answered our prayers. This was kingdom work – an opportunity to reach out to those who do not know Jesus . . . and you represented Him in a wonderful way. We all have different opportunities to share the good news. How can we as a church support or work with you as you try to share the Good News with others?

Following breakfast we moved into our worship service. Some of the Misfits – and I have to be careful with that label, as my message suggested We're All Misfits – are not church/churched people. One, I discovered, went to a Pentecostal Church when he was younger, and sang along in our time of worship and praise through music. And they all felt welcome and welcomed – all praise to God for this congregation who cares.

I spoke on the similarities between the Misfits Motorcycle Club and the church [click here to download our message]. The message gives us pause to think about how we do things, and it gave some of "the Misfits" pause to think about what the church does. One of the group [one of the nothing-to-do-with-church people] even took a picture of one of our slides and posted it on Facebook, with the explanation when life gets tough refer to the Manual.

A "blessing of the bikes" followed our service, as we prayed for those who ride and for those who don't.

Please send me any pictures you may have taken of the events of the day – the group is posting about their day with us to Facebook.

Dr. Riley Coulter will join us this weekend and will again share a seminar on Wills and Estate Planning and will touch on planning for retirement. We are opening the seminar to others in our community as our Big Give involvement for the year. Be sure to invite someone to the seminar to learn . . . and to our service Sunday morning.

A memorial service remembering David Rapkins will be held following our June 23 worship service. Everyone is invited to stay as we celebrate his life. We may not have known him long, but he made an impact on the people who were able to get to know him.

The Eighty-Fourth Annual District Assembly of the Canada Central Church of the Nazarene will be held at Toronto Emmanuel Church June 7-8. I will be there representing Trinity Church as well as fulfilling my duties as District Secretary. I will not be back for our service Sunday June 9 – Pastor Lloyd will share in our service that day.

Rob Snow, Associate Professor of New Testament at Ambrose University, will be at Bridlewood Church June 21-22 as lead speaker at SDMI's Filled Conference. In his teaching seminars he will answer the questions
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How does the Holy Spirit interact with us today?
  • What do Nazarenes believe about the Holy Spirit and His gifts?
  • What are spiritual gifts and the fruit of the Spirit?    
We encourage everyone who can to attend this interactive and informative seminar.