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June 3, 2019

We interrupt this issue of the Monday Musings for a special announcement: for those who are not on Facebook and did not see the initial announcement, and for those who were not able to be in our service yesterday to hear it, last week we were given this news: Pamela and David are expecting a child in December.

We offer our congratulations to them, and commit to pray for them as they await the arrival and as they raise this child for Christ.

Dr. Riley Coulter was with us this weekend. Dr. Coulter is the Director of Stewardship Services for our church in Canada. On Saturday he shared a seminar on Wills and Estate Planning and Sunday morning he shared in our service and spoke on generosity.

In the seminar he reminded us of the reasons to have an estate plan and the need to have a will, a living will or written personal and health care directives, and a proper power of attorney. My favourite line from the seminar was that if you don't have a will, "Just pick two lawyers, who you don't know, at random and leave your entire estate to them" – because if you don't have a will the lawyers will spend so much time working on probate and arguing for different members of the family that after their fees are paid there will be nothing left over.

This was a repeat seminar, but it was good to hear what he had to say again. I have copies of his presentation for those who might be interested in having one. He recommends going to the resource page at to download their information and planning sheets. He strongly recommends downloading the Personal Information Directory [click here], a fillable .pdf file which will help you track important information and documents. And he is willing to answer any questions you might have – talk to me if you want his e-mail address.

Sunday Dr. Coulter spoke on generosity. Usually when we think of generosity we think of being giving people . . . giving our money or our time to others. He directed our thoughts to a secondary definition of the word generosity: kindness. Generosity is not just defined by our outward actions but in fact comes from our inner attitude . . . and is part of being Christ-like and holy. Unfortunately I do not have a print copy of his message, but you can watch him share the message as the service was streamed on Facebook [click here to view the service].

Ah, yes . . . our streaming. We are still working on "the viewer experience". There continue to be a few hiccups as we learn how to broadcast the services live. It may take a few more weeks to get the feed – the video and the sound – running smoothly. Bear with us   . . . and thank you for your patience.

This coming Sunday is Pentecost – the "birthday" of the church. Pastor Lloyd Rodriguez will be with us to lead the service and to share from God's Word, as I will be on the road, returning from our District Assembly.

The Eighty-Fourth Annual District Assembly of the Canada Central Church of the Nazarene will be held at Toronto Emmanuel Church this Friday and Saturday. I will be there representing Trinity Church as well as fulfilling my duties as District Secretary. I will share some highlights of the Assembly the following Sunday.                                

A memorial service remembering David Rapkins will be held following our June 23 worship service. It has been moved from the church to his cottage [ask Anna for directions and more information]. Everyone is invited to help celebrate his life. We may not have known him long, but he made an impact on the people who were able to get to know him.

Rob Snow, Associate Professor of New Testament at Ambrose University, will be at Bridlewood Church June 21-22 as lead speaker at SDMI's Filled Conference. In his teaching seminars he will answer the questions
  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How does the Holy Spirit interact with us today?
  • What do Nazarenes believe about the Holy Spirit and His gifts?
  • What are spiritual gifts and the fruit of the Spirit?    
We encourage everyone who can to attend this interactive and informative seminar. Please click here to register.