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September 23, 2019

It's funny [not ha-ha funny] how we do things in the church and how we don't do things in the church . . . and how we all think that things should be done in the church! Some people [though I'm not returning to the "worship wars" theme] prefer traditional hymns over the newer worship songs and some people prefer the worship songs to the hymns and can be quite . . . might I suggest vocal about it. Some people prefer the New King James translation of the Bible while others prefer the New International Version. Some people prefer the print version of the Bible while others prefer to use an app on their phones or tablets. And some people enjoy an interactive welcome time on Sunday mornings in our services while others prefer not to move around thinking it hinders a God-oriented worship.

We are aware of preferences. We are aware of different perspectives. And we are aware that sometimes what we think is important really isn't important after all. With that in mind, our services will undergo a small change, as we announced yesterday. Instead of an "interactive welcome time" during our services, we invite you to greet and visit one another before and after our services. Come a few minutes earlier . . . stay a few minutes later . . .  you won't be as rushed as you encourage and are encouraged.

In our message yesterday the topic in our shush! series on the things we don't talk about in the church really was on something that we don't talk about: slavery and human trafficking. There was so much more that I could have said in our message . . . so many more stories I could have told and so many more facts and figures that I could have shared . . . but our message was long enough as it was, and you are probably happy that it wasn't drier than it was! If you want to find out more about the topic [and I hope that you do!] you can go to the International Justice Mission Canada website or to the NCM [Nazarene Compassionate Ministries] website.                                                                                                 

Yes, it was Freedom Sunday, a time for us to be reminded of and to consider the evils of human trafficking, and to discover that, yes, we can do something about it if we will. We looked at them – at the people who are trapped in slavery [click here to download our message]. Remember that knowledge isn't enough – action is necessary.  Go to the above websites to find out what you can do.

This coming Sunday we'll look at another one of those topics – another of the topics that we either ignore or that we just don't want to talk about. I'm calling it the anguish of the mind. In some parts of Christendom there is an idea that once a person commits his or her life to Jesus and is made whole spiritually that emotional healing is granted as well [and even that physical and financial healing is available for the asking] . . . that all problems will simply disappear once Jesus is in your life. If a person still struggles, it is suggested, then there is still a spiritual issue that needs to be dealt with. This does not mesh with reality.

We are going to look at the hurt that hurts. We are going to try to discover what the Bible has to say about what Henri Nouwen called the dark night of the soul . . . about mental anguish and mental illness . . . and at how we can deal with it as people of God.

We are finding our way back into our normal routines at Trinity Church. Check out the Google calendar on our web site [] where you'll find our monthly church schedule [including Sundays, of course], or take your bulletin home with you.

  • The first Wednesday evening of every month we will gather in the sanctuary for a time of prayer at 7:00.  
  • The second Tuesday [changed from Thursday] of every month is our young adult "Q&A" – an informal time of discussion on topics of interest and challenge.
  • The fourth Thursday evening of the month we will meet for a more traditional Bible Study . . . we’ll continue our look at the parables of Jesus.
  • Matt will continue to lead our youth group – times of fun and of serious challenge – Friday nights.
  • Family Fellowships are being planned . . . we are going to try to book the skating rink at the Governor General's in January, and there will be a combined youth and family fellowship karaoke night later in the winter!
  • Young adult gatherings have been talked about but just haven't happened . . . yet. There is something on the horizon, and we'll let you know when it is finalized.
  • And . . .

A ladies fellowship has been scheduled for Saturday October 5. Ladies "of all ages" are invited to Merivale Bowling Lanes at 3:30 pm for a time of fun and laughter.  Mark your calendars and plan to have a great afternoon together.

And on November 10 there will be a potluck dinner and a baby shower following our service, as we celebrate with Pamela and David. More details will follow as the day nears.

Our church board has suggested that we renew/restart our FreeShare/Care and Share ministry to those in our area. Instead of having items stored at the church and opening the building once a month for people to come and see what items are available, we are going to start a Facebook page, post pictures of available items, and have people make arrangement for pick-up.

With this in mind, please send a picture of those "gently used" items that you no longer need and would like to give to someone who has a need – e-mail either to the church or to Emmanuelle, who is going to lead this ministry initiative.

Matt has acknowledged a definite call to pastoral ministry and has been following the recommendations set out for pastoral candidates by our denominational Board of Ministry. The first stage was to hold a local preacher's license for two years and to involve himself in the ministry of the local church . . . he has done this. The second stage is to go through an assessment by the National Board of Ministry, upon recommendation by his local church. Your church board has identified gifts and graces in Matt's life as he has been searching for God's direction these past few years. At our last meeting your church board unanimously recommended that Matt attend the next assessment session [to take place in the new year]. Should he have a positive assessment he will interview with the district Board of Ministry in April; should the Board of Ministry acknowledge what we see Matt will receive his first District Licence at the District Assembly in June.

Thanks to all who expressed birthday greetings to me last week [even though I like to pretend that I'm not growing older, and that I'm still in my mid-thirties or so]. Special thanks to our teens, who surprised me with a birthday cake Friday night at their activity.

A fire extinguisher was not needed.

Finally, here is a YouTube link to the song I quoted in Sunday's message: Solomon Burke singing None of Us Are Free.