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October 15, 2019

Those of you were able to join us in our service Sunday may have been surprised when I asked if anyone had specific reason to give thanks this week and gave opportunity to share (it was totally spontaneous on my part to ask – I just felt led to do it). And of course: God is good, and we have reasons to be thankful. And now . . . there is another reason to rejoice! This from Barb, who shared about a financial difficulty that God miraculously oversaw:

Exceedingly, abundantly - the funds lost that I referred to in my testimony yesterday have been replaced by the bank.  Praise the Lord!!  I didn't expect it at all and had given it up as a lesson learned.  The gift [I received] was far and away the answer to the cry of my heart but now this.  Wow!!

So many lines from songs come to mind:

      I could never out love the Lord"

      He giveth and giveth and giveth again..."

One of the things that we have learned over the years is that when we are faithful to God, He is faithful to us. While we may not think that we can afford to give, God honours us when we do. The impossible tithe [that may just be a future message title!] is possible because God looks after us when we trust Him.

We rejoice with Barb today.

And that leads us to thoughts of Sunday's message. We looked at Psalm 105 and at how we naturally respond to God. Oh, give thanks to the Lord, the Psalmist wrote. We might wonder how? He shares some ways with us. Click here to download the message to read and be reminded (do we need to be reminded?) to live with an attitude of thankfulness.

Each Thanksgiving we receive a "thank offering" – a special offering on top of our regular giving which goes to support our mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus – to make Christlike disciples in the world This year our goal is to raise $1,675 in support of our mission world. Thank you for your prayerful support.

Our recent messages have been a bit "intense" as we have looked at a number of those things we don't talk about in the church. It may be that We Need a Break from talking about these issues . . . so this Sunday Johania is going to share our message, as she continues to search for God's direction about her calling.

Friday evening the teens celebrated Thanksgiving at their annual Great Turkey Formal. It was once again an enjoyable and fun evening. This year Matt had help in the kitchen during the food preparation (I'm not sure if he had much help during clean-up, though). We are truly thankful for how he is leading the teens through word and deed.

Don't forget the potluck dinner and baby shower following our service November 10 as we celebrate with Pamela and David (and prepare for Nylo's arrival). Talk with Cindy, Emmanuelle, or Johania for more details. Cindy is collecting for a "group gift".

The renewed FreeShare/Care and Share ministry is operational! Our Facebook page is up and running, and a few available items have been noted. Instead of having items stored at the church and opening the building once a month for people to come and see what is available, we'll post pictures of available items on this Facebook page and have people make arrangement for pick-up.

If you have "gently used" items that you no longer need and would like to give to someone who has a need send an e-mail along with a picture of the item to the church or to Emmanuelle, who is going to lead this ministry initiative.

Sundays Ahead . . .

  • Oct   20   we need a break! [Johania speaking]
  • Oct   27   sticks and stones – abuse
  • Nov 03   not here, Pastor! – sex
  • Nov  10   today? Really? – divorce
  • Nov 17   Matt speaking
  • Nov  24   not necessary here – prejudice
  • Dec     1   Advent begins
  • Dec     8   Christmas Musical Celebration