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October 21, 2019

Today is Election Day. The Apostle Paul reminds us that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving [should] be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness [1 Timothy 2:1-2]. We should not complain about the election results, no matter how the particular party we vote for may fare. Instead, pray for the incoming government, and pray that there would be an openness to the voice of God . . . and of course that selfish politics and policies would be put aside for the good of the country and of our world.

Yesterday was Pastor Appreciation Sunday. On behalf of your pastoral team [and it seems a bit strange to talk about a pastoral team in a congregation of our size, but we do have one!] . . . on behalf of your pastoral team, thank you for caring. I was touched by kind words and by your gift to our family, and by our worship team as they sang in tribute – although I've started my search for an appropriate 70s song to sing at our next musical      celebration!

Our own family celebrates 25 years at Trinity Church this December; Pastor Al's influence goes back well further than that as he was part of this congregation before he and his family left to plant the Bridlewood Church in 1983 [and we are blessed to have him and Goldie with us again].

We also look forward as we support and encourage Matt and Johania in their search for God's direction in finding and fulfilling their calls to ministry. Matt is finishing his second year as a locally licensed minister. The next stage in his process is to attend a national assessment centre. We as a congregation have identified gifts and graces in his life and acknowledge his calling to ministry; district and national leaders will now sit with him to help him discern what should happen next. Our church board decided to pay the fee associated with the Assessment Centre for him. He will video conference with the assessment team in the new year.

Johania is in the first year of her local license and is finding her way through the process. Each ministerial candidate is to complete two years with a local license, then go through the national assessment process. After this the person applies for a district minister's license; a district licensed minister must then complete a prescribed course of study within ten years [and be interviewed each year]. This leads to ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.

One of the responsibilities and privileges of the locally licensed minister is "pulpit duty" – to preach in the local church [under the pastor's direction] during the year. Johania shared yesterday's message from Ecclesiastes on the reasons we need a break with and in God. I do not have a copy of her message [yet!] so her sermon will not be posted on our web site . . . but you can ask her for a copy so you can read it—and heed it!

Oh, the problems we have with technology! You will have noticed that we are back to having only 1 video projector – the bulb blew on the older one. We would have replaced it long ago, but the Spanish congregation is discussing whether or not they will just buy a new projector [replacement bulbs are half the price of a new projector, and the one we have is well out of date]. So . . . we wait. I expect to hear of a decision this week or next.

You may also have noticed that we had some computer problems yesterday. The problem with the colours you see as you look at the video feed is not with the projector – the video card in the computer has intermittently "acted up" for the past few months. We have dealt with the problem as best as we could, but it appears that the laptop is dying. The laptop "at the end of its life" is probably the reason that our slide show presentations hop from screen to screen without prompting/"just because" as well. We will replace the laptop when we can [it isn't worth repairing].

On the bright side [or "enough with the bad news, here's some good"], we found the problem with sound system and have made the necessary adjustments so all of our microphones are now working. As well, our services are once again being streamed/broadcast. The Spanish congregation is looking to buy a camera and that will clear up any other streaming problems; our services should now be broadcast on our Facebook page each Sunday morning.  

We have no idea how our equipment will work next Sunday . . . but we know that a minor glitch is only minor . . . and that what is important is our heart-attitude. We come together to encourage and be encouraged, and to seek God and to honour Him.

This Sunday we'll return to our series on the things we don't talk about. Some of those things are awkward. Some of those things are embarrassing. And some of those things we'd rather just ignore. This Sunday's message will focus on one of those things. Our message: Sticks and Stones. Our topic: abuse.

We think that it doesn't happen in the church, by churched people. It does. No wonder we don't want to talk about it!

Thanks to all who participated in our special Thanksgiving offering for world evangelism and our mission of sharing the Good News of Jesus – to make Christlike disciples in the world. We raised $1,425 over and above our regular giving. Thank you! If you'd like you can still give this coming Sunday.      

Our next "big event" is the potluck dinner and baby shower that will follow our November 10 service. We'll celebrate with Pamela and David as we await Nylo's arrival. Talk with Cindy, Emmanuelle, or Johania for more details. Cindy is collecting for a "group gift".

The renewed FreeShare/Care and Share ministry is operational! Our Facebook page is up and running, and a few available items have been noted. Instead of having items stored at the church and opening the building once a month for people to come and see what is available, we'll post pictures of available items on this Facebook page and have people make arrangement for pick-up.                                   

If you have "gently used" items that you no longer need and would like to give to someone who has a need send an e-mail along with a picture of the item to the church or to Emmanuelle, who is going to lead this ministry initiative.