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March 2, 2020

I hope that I didn’t appear egotistical in last week’s Musings when I suggested that I would impart “the best advice that I could possibly give” in yesterday’s message. I just wanted to let you know that I had something important to share. I think what I share week to week is important as we grow in grace, but yesterday’s message weighed on my heart, and I thought that what I would share was of utmost importance – I can’t think of anything more important!

Advice, of course, is only as good as the person who gives it. You do “get what you pay for”. And sometimes the advice you are given may not be the best. And it is only worthwhile if it is accepted and taken.

Or, in the case of Sunday’s message, not taken. Which is a strange thing for a pastor/preacher to say. You wouldn’t expect someone to say here is my advice – I hope you don’t take it.  But that is exactly my hope – that you would listen to (or read) my concluding message in our Churchy Words series (on prayer) – and ultimately ignore the advice found there-in! Click here to download a copy of the message to read it and see my advice. Then decide for yourself what you will do: whether you will take that advice so that you can live an uncomplicated and unengaged Christian life, or ignore the advice and find a deeper walk with God. If the former, your life will (may?) be easier; if the latter, your life will be fulfilling. But it is up to you!

If you didn’t do it yesterday (I did say that it was easy to let the challenge go by because we are so easily distracted), think of and commit to three specific times that you will deliberately seek to be aware of and to be conscious of God’s presence this next week.  Even though life is busy – even though you are busy – find time to listen to God this week. And you may want to join us at 7:00 Wednesday evening for our prayer time. 

This Sunday we will begin a brief (three part) mini-series that discusses Who Are We? / Who We are!  A little hint: our lives may be a mess but we are headed in the right direction. We begin by realizing that we are (though we may not like to admit it) Train Wrecks.

Our annual International potluck Dinner that celebrates our partnership with the churches that we sponsor in Cuba will follow our service. Bring a dish based on the country of your heritage . . . perhaps the country you or your parents were born in. If you can’t do that, bring something from a country you have lived in, a country you have visited, or a country you would like to visit!  

As we do every year, we will receive a special offering to be sent to our sister churches as we support their efforts to share the Good News, and will hear an update of their work.

It’s that time of year again! Who knows . . . this may be the last March that we have to endure losing an hour of sleep (although I do enjoy the “make-up hour” in November). Yes, it is time change weekend . . . don’t forget to set your clocks aheadone hour Sunday morning at 2:00 (or perhaps before you go to bed). The good news: the VCRthat you still have will show the right time until November! Who knows . . . this may be the last year we do this! And a question: when they say spring forward why isn’t it spring? 

Those who were able to attend Friday evening’s Family Fellowship Karaoke Night enjoyed a relaxing evening of fun and laughter as we met together. Some entertained; all were entertained . . . and the unanimous (I think) feeling was that we should do this again . . . so we will! Some time in the future (maybe next year . . . shall we make this annual?) we will be invited back to an NYI-sponsored night of song.

Don’t forget that JCL – our “other” worship team – is readying an evening of praise and worship for us. There will be a bit of sharing and a lot of singing . . . a time of togetherness in Christ. We will meet at 7:00pm on April 26 to glorify God together, with congregational singing and special music. Plan to join us.

And speaking of singing . . . and music . . . and celebration . . . our next day of music and celebration will be May 24 as we speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ [Ephesians 5:19-20] Be thinking ahead even now of what – and how – you will share: with voice or instrument or spoken word!

March 29 District Superintendent Rev. Steve Ottley will be in Ottawa to visit with the pastors on our zone and will join us for our morning service and share our message. Unfortunately he will need to leave for Toronto immediately after our service as he has an evening obligation, but we will have time to talk with him before he goes.

We're going to do it again: we're inviting the Misfits – and others – to join us May 29 for our second annual (if you do it twice that makes it annual, right?) "Motorcycle Rally". We'll provide breakfast for those who ride to the church; we'll have a great service together (it's Pentecost Sunday so our sermon – titled Invasion – will focus on what some people worry about may happen when a motorcycle club comes into a town and on what we know happens when the Spirit of God comes into a life). We'll end our time together with a blessing of the bikes.

* our the young people will lead one of our services in June . . .

* our annual lawn chair service (and pool party) is tentatively set for August 9 

Our Spring Clean Up Day has been scheduled for May 2 . . . join us for a few hours of work as we look after the building at the end of the winter (it's March and we’re already planning for spring!).

It’s that time of the year again: the nursery school is fundraising, again through Purdy's chocolates. Order your Easter chocolates by signing in to your [or starting an] account at Purdy's [click here] – use customer number 37568. There is a nice selection of chocolate available. Order by March 26; pick-up is April 8 [the Wednesday before Easter] at the church. Enjoy!

Sundays this Early Spring . . .

  •               Mar    8     Train Wrecks (Who We Are series)      
  •               Mar 15     Forgiven Sinners (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar 23     Saints in the Making (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar  30     a visit from the District Superintendent        
  •               Apr     5     The Rise and Fall of Jesus (Palm Sunday)
  •               Apr   12     The Fall and Rise of Jesus (Easter Sunday)
  •               Apr   19     Oops . . . Not Oops (Earth Day)
  •               Apr   26     gifting
  •               May    3     ___WARD: our Annual Meeting
  •               May  10     Ah, Yes (a message for Mother’s Day)
  •               May  17     Watch This Space (Johania speaking)
  •               May 24     our Spring service of Music and Celebration
  •               May  31     INVASION: Pentecost, and our Second Annual Motorcycle Rally Day