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May 19, 2020

It is slowly happening . . . the world – or at least the province – is opening up around us. Sometime soon we hope to be able to actually gather for worship in person rather than by ZOOM. I imagine that it will be a slow return; your church board is already making plans for “what will be”. Perhaps (I’m just thinking out loud) if only 5 or 10 are permitted in the building at a time we’ll start by having the worship team lead services, and work from there. We’ll see . . . but there is hope!

Until that day, continue to contact one another through the week . . . and continue to use those best practises!

And until that day we’ll continue to ZOOM together each Sunday morning. Yesterday Johania led us in our “message” time, sharing thoughts on hope. Jesus said In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world [John 16:33]. He may not have been referring specifically to our current situation with COVID, but the words are certainly fitting. And as Paul said, We [may be] hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed [2 Corinthians 4: 8-9]. Christ is with us.

But there I go, preaching myself! On behalf of our congregation, may I say that we are thrilled that Johania is growing in grace and finding her place in service, and appreciate yesterday’s challenge and encouragement. This coming Sunday morning we’ll meet again at 11:00 through ZOOM technology. Scheduled (but sadly cancelled): our spring celebration of music. Instead, I will speak briefly on Music of the Heart as we celebrate and worship together.

The link and information to log in to our Sunday gathering is the same each week: the meeting ID is 725-542-198; the password is 956130.

As I have pointed out, there have been some issues with the ZOOM platform, and both the Apple and Google apps have been updated, as has the web site application. You can keep using the current version of your app until the end of the month; if you do not update it before then it will “force” the update when you try to use it, which means that you may be late for our service! So go ahead . . . update it early.

As I said last week, I am working with an app developer and we are creating a district reporting portal and app. An assembly booklet will not be printed but will be available for download through the district web site and will be found on the CCDNAZ app, available soon from the Apple app store and from Google Play (on the right is a preview of the main page and part of our church page on the app, which is in beta so far but will soon be published).

Instead of written reports to be printed in the District Assembly booklet, this year pastors have been invited to share a video report. Here is a “sneak preview” of my report on behalf of Trinity Church (click here to see it). Statistical, leadership, and ministry reports (as well as pastors’ reports) will be available when the app goes live June 1.

Our District Assembly would have been held June 5-6 were it not for the current “situation”. Even though we can’t get together in person, District Superintendent Steve Ottley has invited all of the district churches to an on-line celebration service. This will take the place of our local June 7 gathering. We’ll receive a link to the service soon.

How do we find the mind of God? How do we discover what God wants for us? By listening for and to Him, of course! You already pray. You already wait on God for direction for your lives. Now join us as we continue to get together each Wednesday evening for a time of congregational prayer in our "virtual prayer room". Please join us this week – Wednesday from 7:00-7:30pm – as we gather through ZOOM to pray for one another and for others.

To enter the prayer room click here . . . or when you open ZOOM in your browser or open the app the Meeting ID is 760 4098 0245 ; the password is 3R9gvp

I would like to thank you again for your faithfulness in sending your tithes and offerings even though we are not meeting together at the church building. Some are mailing their envelopes to the church while others are using one of the two electronic options available. These are difficult days for many financially as the employment situation is in flux, and difficult days may be ahead . . . so thank you for your commitment to Trinity Church.

Click here to go directly to our on-line giving site (there is a drop-down menu so that you can direct your giving to our different ministries). You will be able to immediately print a receipt. You can also e-transfer to the church directly; the church e-mail address is . We are now set up for auto-deposit. And for those who mail their tithe envelopes to the church, deposits will be made to the bank every second Friday.

Please indicate how you would like your gift designated: Tithes and Offerings, WEF/Easter Offering, Cuba, Child Sponsorship, etc. The drop-down menus on the Canada Helps web site only allow for one designation; you can leave a note if you would like to give to more than one need.  

Thursday Thoughts and some of our Sunday Services have now been uploaded to our YouTube channel for those who wish to view them but have not signed up for Facebook (and even for those who have!). Again I say . . . wow, and thanks, David, for putting this together for us (click here to view). We’ll keep it updated week to week.

At 11:02 this morning we got the news: Trinity Community Garden has permission to “go”, and the garden is officially open. I’m pretty sure that it only took until 11:10 for gardeners to start digging and preparing their plots (it took that long for them to get here . . . I think that they must have had their wheelbarrows loaded and ready to go! We are looking for a great year. The wood for the new borders will be delivered next week (thanks, Anna, for finding a grant; thanks in advance to Pierre and his team as they build them). 

Thanks also to Anna and Johania, who worked on the street-side of the hedges this afternoon. They will be back next Monday to clean up the inside / lawn side . . . you are welcome to join them (it really is a never-ending job, and all help is appreciated!).