Ottawa Trinity Care-and-Share

The Trinity Care-and-Share is a freeshare depot that is open the first Saturday of every month. We welcome donations of "gently used items" that are made available to those who have need. Arrangements can be made to pick up larger items that may be needed; smaller items can be stored on site. Please e-mail for further information.

Please be aware that clothing for a newborn boy is urgently needed

Transportation for larger items [on an occasional basis] for larger items would be greatly appreciated. 

Available Items          
Requested Items

Assorted Kitchen Items
Coffee Maker
Cups, Plates
Frying Pan
Muffin Tins
Baby Sled
High Chair
Clothing: women, teens
Television [13”]
Linens [assorted]



Boys Clothing: 0-24 months
Boys Clothing: 2-4 years
Girls Clothing: 4-6 years
Boys Clothing: 7-8 years
Boys Clothing: 8-10 years
Bed Frames
Bed and Mattress [double]
Standing Lamps
Table Lamps
Microwave Oven
Pots, pans, and bakeware