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June 10, 2019

And District Assembly is in the books! The Eighty-Fourth Annual District Assembly of the Canada Central Church of the Nazarene was held at Toronto Emmanuel Church last Friday and Saturday. I was there representing Trinity Church as well as fulfilling my duties as District Secretary. I will share some highlights of the Assembly the following Sunday. But . . .

Perhaps you would like to know that Trinity Church was one of a handful of churches that met her obligations to district and international support, overpaying our World Evangelism Fund budget.

Perhaps you would like to know that our district leadership is strong, and that our District Superintendent is visionary and passionate.

Perhaps you would like to know that Pastor Charmaine of our Bridlewood Church was elected to the District Advisory Board and to the Board of Ministerial Studies.

Perhaps you would like to know even more about what is going on in your church in Ontario. A copy of the District Assembly information booklet with the reports of our leaders is available . . . just ask me for one.       

Sunday was Pentecost – the "birthday" of the church. I was sad to have missed our service, but felt it best not to rush home following the Assembly. I trust that you sensed the Spirit of the Lord in the service as Pastor Lloyd Rodriguez lead and shared from God's Word. I worshiped with the Richmond Hill Solid Rock Church, which is under Pastor Tina Pitamber's ministry.

This coming Sunday is Father's Day – I invite everyone to wear a tacky tie if you can!

We continue to work on "the viewer experience" as we live-stream our services. There continue to be a few hiccups as we learn how to broadcast the services live. It may take a few more weeks to get the feed – the video and the sound – running smoothly. Bear with us   . . . and thank you for your patience.

A memorial service remembering David Rapkins will be held following our June 23 worship service. It has been moved from the church to his cottage [ask Anna for directions and more information]. Everyone is invited to help celebrate his life. We may not have known him long, but he made an impact on the people who were able to get to know him.

Rob Snow, Associate Professor of New Testament at Ambrose University, will be at Bridlewood Church June 21-22 as lead speaker at SDMI's Filled Conference. In his teaching seminars he will answer the questions

  • Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • How does the Holy Spirit interact with us today?
  • What do Nazarenes believe about the Holy Spirit and His gifts?
  • What are spiritual gifts and the fruit of the Spirit?    

We encourage everyone who can to attend these interactive and informative seminars –reminders of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and a time to discover the gifts that God has provided and given us so that we can be effective in making a difference in our world. The seminar runs Friday evening from 7:00 - 8:30, and Saturday from 9:00am – 3:00pm. Lunch is provided; please click here to register [we will cover the cost of registration]. Talk to me if you'd like more information.

Looking ahead . . . our annual lawn chair service and pool party will take place August 11. Plan to come for an informal worship time on our front lawn at 11:00 before we move to Rick and Anna's for fellowship, swimming, and a potluck meal.