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January 13, 2020

Well, that was something, wasn’t it? I’m so glad we aren’t living in Kingston, or Cambridge, or any of the other cities and towns where services had to be cancelled yesterday because of the weather. Driving was slick in places and sloppy in others (as was walking), but many of you dared to make the trip and we celebrated God’s love together in worship. Thanks for joining me,

You arrived only to find . . . that though it was warmer inside than it was outside, it was not as warm as you thought it would be. Our “new” heating system is not as “new” as it once was, and there is an operating glitch somewhere. Our thermometer is set at 70°F/21°C in the sanctuary – we arrived to 63°/17°! Ah, the warmth of Christian fellowship . . . and coats kept on! Techs are on-site as I write, and the building is starting to warm up. Slowly. The nursery school had to cancel its programs today, but all should be up and running tomorrow.

We believe that entire sanctification is that act of God, subsequent to regeneration, by which believers are made free from original sin, or depravity, and brought into a state of entire devotement to God, and the holy obedience of love made perfect.

It was quite the start to a message that was trying to help us understand “churchy words”, wouldn’t you say? Our Manual statement on sanctification (our word for the day) includes such terms as regeneration and justification and perfecting work and glorification and depravity and devotement and heart-cleansing and indwelling and empowering and consecration . . . all trying to explain sanctification. But we fought through them . . . all the way to Narnia!

Sanctification – the second work of grace (we just can’t seem to escape the churchy language when we are dealing with churchy language) – happens when we let God change us and give us the power to live both as He wants us to live and as we want to live, ourselves. The Apostle Paul says that something holds us back (we don’t need him to tell us that, we know it already). As Eustace Scrubb discovered (read our message; read the Voyage of the Dawn Treader), a deeper work was necessary to rid him of his “dragonness”. As we have discovered, a deeper work is necessary to rid us of our own “dragonness” – our anti-God / sinful nature. The work is available – God will do it if we let Him.

Perhaps it would just be better for you to (re-) read the message – click here to download a copy.

Next Sunday’s service and message will centre around a not-so-churchy word (or maybe a “slightly” churchy word) as we continue our series. Ivory Snow soap (an accidental discovery/invention) is 99.44% pure. Almost pure. Almost perfect. Almost, but not quite. We Know that we are not 100% pure, 100% perfect, 100% holy, although are called to be. We’ll look at what it means to be holy as we continue our winter series.  

We are nearing the date of our next Family Fellowship time. This year we again have the opportunity to skate at the Governor General's residence/Rideau Hall. Sharpen your skates . . . bring a friend  . . . and let's have a great time together. The rink is "ours" Friday January 24 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

Bridlewood Church has invited us to join them for a prayer gathering which will be part of the Young Adult Zone Rally which they are hosting February 14-17. We'll gather at their church at 6pm Sunday February 16 (young adults can talk with Matt or with me for more information on the weekend's activities).

Our February Family Fellowship will be a Karaoke night – we’ve tentatively set the date for February 28. "Youth of all ages" are welcome – and encouraged – to come to entertain and to be entertained . . . and to have some fun. Bring some snacking food with you; we’ll have a great evening together.

Our annual International Dinner to celebrate our partnership with the churches that we sponsor in Cuba will follow our service March 8. We will receive a special offering to be sent to them as we support their efforts to share the Good News, and will hear an update of their work.

In March District Superintendent Rev. Steve Ottley will be in Ottawa to visit with the pastors on our zone and will join us for our morning service the 29th to share our message. Unfortunately he will need to leave for Toronto immediately after our service as he has an evening obligation, but we will have time to talk with him before he goes.

Our Spring Clean Up Day has been scheduled for May 2 . . . join us for a few hours of work as we look after the building at the end of the winter (it's only December and I'm already looking to spring!).

Our next day of music and celebration is planned for May 24. We'll look forward to another great time of speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ [Ephesians 5:19-20] as we rejoice together.

We're going to do it again: we're inviting the Misfits – and others – to join us May 29 for our second annual (if you do it twice that makes it annual, right?) "Motorcycle Rally". We'll provide breakfast for those who ride to the church; we'll have a great service together (it's Pentecost Sunday so our sermon – titled Invasion – will focus on what some people worry about may happen when a motorcycle club comes into a town and on what we know happens when the Spirit of God comes into a life. We'll end our time together with a blessing of the bikes.

Undated: the young people will lead one of our services in June . . . a lawn chair service will be planned for early August . . . the date of a possible pool party will be announced once we can confirm it . . .

Together, we lift our voices to God.  We have been invited to join with other believers in the Capital region January 19-25 in city-wide prayer. There is a theme for each day of the week as we pray together, lifting our voices that God would touch our community for Him. Join us . . .

  •             Sunday:           Together, we lift our voices to God, glorifying Him as King
  •             Monday:          Together, we lift our voices to God for our workplaces
  •             Tuesday:         Together, we lift our voices to God for families
  •             Wednesday:   Together, we lift our voices to God for social justice
  •             Thursday:       Together, we lift our voices to God for local authorities
  •             Friday:             Together, we lift our voices to God for our schools
  •             Saturday:         Together, we lift our voices to God for our churches

Sundays to Come . . .

  •               Jan   19      Holiness
  •               Jan   26      Matt speaking
  •               Feb    2       Matt Speaking
  •               Feb    9      Evangelism
  •               Feb 16      Fellowship
  •               Feb  23      Discipleship
  •               Mar   1      Prayer     
  •               Mar   8      Train Wrecks (Who We Are series)      
  •               Mar 15      Forgiven Sinners (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar 23      Saints in the Making (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar 30      a visit from the District Superintendent        

Please note: Cindy and I are away the next two Sundays, January 26 and February 2. Matt will be speaking in our services. If there is an emergency call Pastor Charmaine at the Bridlewood Church.

We are delaying our February after-church coffee time one week until February 9.

Our next Monday Musings will be February 3.