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February 10, 2020

“Sunday with the family” . . . a great place to be! I’ll admit it – it was difficult to return to Ottawa. A week ago Saturday we were basking in the sun and +29°C weather; this past Saturday we were blasted by the snow and wind and -29°C weather. It made me think that a week away was not enough! And yet . . . home is home! I’m talking about “home home”. And I’m talking about “church home”.

We heard good things about the services while we were away. There were glitches with the sound system (of course – can we not avoid them?) but our worship team and “guest speaker” adapted. Thanks, team, and thanks, Matt, for speaking.

We had a great celebration service yesterday – or should I say a great service and a great celebration yesterday. We honoured Marg for her almost 60 years of service to children as she led the Junior Missionary Program at Trinity Church. What a great legacy! A number of the children that she touched (some who are adults now) joined us in our commemoration. “Well done, good and faithful servant” are words well deserved for her work – and for her service in other church areas today. Marg – we appreciate you! [click here to see a video of Ray Boltz singing “Thank You”].

Oh yes . . . our service, and our message. We continued our series on “Churchy Words” by looking at evangelism – the call to make disciples of all the nations – the call to ­be witnesses for Jesus – zealously, unashamedly . . . boldly. Without using churchy words or Christianeze [the illustration of Kathy, from Jonathan Merritt’s book Learning to Speak God from Scratch]. Share the Good News with someone . . . there’s enough bad news in this world as it is! Click here to download our message.

Next Sunday morning as we near the end of our series our churchy word will be fellowship. You might think that fellowship isn’t really a churchy word, but think about it . . . just like the dictionary has many definitions for the word, we have different definitions of what it is. The church is a fellowship of believers. We fellowship together at meals or at activities. We use the word freely when we are together – but to outsiders the word can be confusing. We try to tighten up our definition Sunday.

Oh, and then Sunday evening the Bridlewood Church has invited us to join them for a prayer gathering (a prayer fellowship?) which will be part of the Young Adult Zone Rally which they are hosting through the weekend. We'll gather at their church at 6pm as we . . . er . . . seek God together (“prayer” will be the final churchy word we look at, March 1).

Speaking of prayer . . . Ash Wednesday – the prelude to Lent – is February 26. The sanctuary will be open that evening from 7:00pm to 8:30pm as we take time to prepare our hearts for the season of Lent . . . as we search for God’s touch during the forty days preceding Easter . . . as we make ourselves available to Him.

Our February Family Fellowship (there’s that word) will be a Karaoke night – we’ve tentatively set the date for February 28. "Youth of all ages" are welcome – and encouraged – to come to entertain and to be entertained . . . and to have some fun. Bring some snacking food with you; we’ll have a great evening together.

Our annual International Dinner to celebrate our partnership with the churches that we sponsor in Cuba will follow our service March 8. We will receive a special offering to be sent to them as we support their efforts to share the Good News, and will hear an update of their work.

In March District Superintendent Rev. Steve Ottley will be in Ottawa to visit with the pastors on our zone and will join us for our morning service the 29th to share our message. Unfortunately he will need to leave for Toronto immediately after our service as he has an evening obligation, but we will have time to talk with him before he goes.

JCL – our “other” worship team – is preparing an evening of praise and worship . . . a bit of sharing . . . a lot of singing . . . a time of togetherness in Christ. Plan to join us from 7:00pm to 8:30 pm April 26 as we glorify God together.

Our Spring Clean Up Day has been scheduled for May 2 . . . join us for a few hours of work as we look after the building at the end of the winter (it's February and we’re already planning for spring!).

Our next day of music and celebration will be May 24. We look forward to another great time of speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ [Ephesians 5:19-20] as we rejoice together.

We're going to do it again: we're inviting the Misfits – and others – to join us May 29 for our second annual (if you do it twice that makes it annual, right?) "Motorcycle Rally". We'll provide breakfast for those who ride to the church; we'll have a great service together (it's Pentecost Sunday so our sermon – titled Invasion – will focus on what some people worry about may happen when a motorcycle club comes into a town and on what we know happens when the Spirit of God comes into a life). We'll end our time together with a blessing of the bikes.

. . . our the young people will lead one of our services in June . . .

. . . our annual lawn chair service (and pool party) is tentatively set for August 9 . . .

We’re still working on it . . . we would like to get the streaming of our services back up and running, but some minor snags are delaying us. We are hoping that we’ll be able to get back to “Facebook Live” so that our services can be watched in real time and then later for those who cannot be at or watch our services at 11:00 Sunday. Thank you for your patience these frustrating days!

Tax receipts are being prepared, and will be available before the end of the month.

E-mail Anna (or me at the church and I’ll pass the request along to her) if you would like yours earlier.

Sundays to Come . . .

  •               Feb 16      Fellowship
  •               Feb  23      Discipleship
  •               Mar   1      Prayer     
  •               Mar   8      Train Wrecks (Who We Are series)      
  •               Mar 15      Forgiven Sinners (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar 23      Saints in the Making (Who We Are series)
  •               Mar 30      a visit from the District Superintendent        
  •               Apr   5      The Rise and Fall of Jesus (Palm Sunday)
  •               Apr 12      The Fall and Rise of Jesus (Easter Sunday)
  •               Apr 19      Oops . . . Not Oops (Earth Day)
  •               Apr 26      gifting