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July 14, 2020

My immediate reaction on landing at the Ottawa airport late last week was man it’s hot here! Cindy and I just returned from the land of 21° and rain. There is quite a difference! We had a good and relaxing holiday and to be honest are conflicted: is it possible to be glad and sad at the same time? It was so good to see our western family and we began missing them almost immediately.

On the other hand, it is good to be back home . . . good to see people again (as much as we can see them), although the benefit to the internet age is that we are always connected, and the benefit of the new Covid protocol and the emphasis on on-line church is that we were able to join in during services (while we had internet access, anyway). 

As to on-line services . . . we are going to continue with them for a while. First, we have this directive from our district church leadership: Though the province has given the go ahead for church buildings to be reopen at 30% capacity, Pastors and Church Boards should be extremely cautious not to rush to do so.  After much prayer, research, and careful planning, IF you decide to move ahead with the reopening of your building, you MUST have a written plan in place and forward to the District Office for review. Second, this warning: research suggests (indoor events such as church) are responsible for most coronavirus transmission. We do want to be careful!

With that in mind we have created a building reopening team which will make decisions on the hows and whens of opening the church for on-site meetings. The team will meet tomorrow night via ZOOM to discuss initial ideas; later there will be at least one before-opening walk-through and a worship-team-only on-site service before we welcome everyone to “church”. Our protocol has been set; we will confirm it with updates (it appears that face coverings will be required, not just requested).

Please “stay tuned” . . . while remembering that church is more than a building, it’s a community of God’s people in action.

Oh . . . even after we are back together in our building for services we will continue to stream/broadcast the services each Sunday, probably on our YouTube channel.

I appreciate Matt’s leadership while we were away, and missed our prayer times. Again this Wednesday we’ll meet at through ZOOM at 7:00 pm in our "virtual prayer room" to pray for one another and for others. To enter the prayer room click here . . . or when you open ZOOM in your browser or open the app the Meeting ID is 760 4098 0245; the passcode is 3R9gvp

Then, join us Sunday at 11:00 as we gather to open our hearts to God and to one another as we sing, share, pray, and learn together. This Sunday – at their request – the youth of our church will lead us – might I say challenge us – as they share from God’s Word (and their hearts). Trinity Connects: click here to link directly to “the service”; the Meeting ID is 725 542 198 and the passcode is 956130 

Some things never change . . . the lawn mower is out of action! Our small engine maintenance friend has promised to come over later this week to try to get it going. Thanks to all who tried to cut the lawn over the weeks, and to Derrick for trying to coordinate the lawn cutting schedule again this year. We’ll let those on the list know once the machine is up and running again.

Thanks again for your faithfulness in sending your tithes and offerings even though we are not meeting together at the church building. From our treasurer (Pierre): The giving by our church members and others has been outstanding. The donations come in the form of e-transfers (to; we are now set up for auto-deposit) and Canada Helps (click here to go directly to our on-line giving site). We still receive cheques that we deposit every two weeks. 

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