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October 5, 2020

Some people get excited when they hear a big wave is coming. They are amped after finding that bomb (and avoiding ankle busters) as they try to curve after jumping a nug during dawn patrol, making sure they don’t wipe out. I don’t think that we are excited by the thought of a big wave – by the thought of a second wave. But it appears as if we are in the onset of one. Which means . . . more care.

It may be (and it seems to be) that some people have become lax as the number of COVID cases went down. It may be (and it seems to be) that some people have had enough of isolation and are now getting together with friends for a bit of fun and aren’t taking the precautions necessary to avoid catching the disease. It may be . . . well, it isn’t may be, it’s we’d better continue to be vigilant as we try to ride out this wave safely. So far the provincial government has not included churches in places that have to close, but that may yet come. Until then we will meet Sunday mornings “at church for church” as well as streaming the services on YouTube and Facebook (more on that in a bit). For those who are choosing to stay home and join us on-line . . . we miss you! For those who are joining us . . . thank you for following our COVID protocol and staying safe!

Some news from the nursery school: one staff member has developed some COVID-like symptoms (which may mean only a runny nose) and is off work until she passes (or is that fails?) a COVID test, and a number of children in one of their programs are away this week because they are symptomatic.

As I said last week, “normally” our congregation activities would include events such as potlucks and Friday night youth activities and Junior Missionary and . . . the things that we do together! Unfortunately, we will meet Sunday mornings only until the new year (or for as long as we can)! Although we don’t meet in person, be sure to keep in contact with one another . . . call or send a card or a note or an e-mail to someone this week. Be an encourager!   

And (as I’ve suggested before) why not take this down time as down time in life as well as in church  . . . and learn to be still and to listen for and to the voice of God. 

The District Secretary meetings I “attended” last week were as good as – or better than – they normally are. It was a time of learning and of sharing with other District Secretaries. A couple of the workshops were US-centric so I “skipped out” of them, but others were pertinent and/or informative. Next year’s conference will be the first week of October; again on-line.

As part of her pre-training for pastoral ministry Johania shared yesterday’s message. Her theme –Preparing for the New Season – reminded us that we need to search for and wait on God’s direction in the different seasons of our lives     . . . that there is a time to sit and listen for God and that there is a time to act in the power of God . . . that seasons of waiting and seasons of activity are both part of the growth process. We appreciate both Johania and Matt for their willing spirit as they search for God’s direction for their lives of service.

This Sunday is Thanksgiving Sunday. We have much to be thankful for as Canadians, but too often we forget to actively give thanks. As we meet together for worship this week we will take the opportunity to do just that: to offer thanks. First, we will ask you to share some of the reasons you are thankful (those who join us on-line can share your reasons on our Facebook page or e-mail them to – Lisa monitors this e-mail address).

Second, participate in our Thanksgiving Offering for world evangelism – we are glad someone shared the good news of Jesus with us, so this is a way that we can “return thanks to God” and allow the gospel to be shared around the world as we support our missionaries. And third, be part of our service at the church or at home . . . sing/hum/lift your hands to the glory of God for giving us hope and reason to be thankful!

We’ll gather at 11:00 (give yourself time to go through our COVID protocol – and thanks for doing so every week!). Our message will remind us that we are Anchored.

Speaking of our Thanksgiving Offering, this video (click here) tells the story of how your generous giving is used. There are a number of other videos on the site as well.                                                                                                       Two Sundays ago we celebrated Alabaster Sunday. The Alabaster Offering provides funds for property and buildings around the world. While we understand the church consists of the people of God and not a building, buildings erected for the purpose of ministry help provide a sense of permanence, functionally enhance ministry efforts, and convey an attitude that the Church of the Nazarene intends to "put down roots." 

Alabaster funds help provide land for many Work & Witness projects, and the entire Alabaster Offering goes toward the purchase of land and construction of churches, schools, medical facilities, and homes for missionaries and national workers.

Click here to watch the video that was shared. Remember that Alabaster funds and the World Evangelism Fund offerings (special offerings at Thanksgiving and Easter) are a life-line for those ministering in other world areas. WEF giving is our way of supporting missionaries so that they can work sharing the good news of Jesus rather than spending time in fund raising.

We’re trying . . . or should I say it’s trying. If it isn’t one technological problem it’s another. First we weren’t able to set the YouTube channel up for our service . . . David worked on that and solved the problem. The sound feed isn’t very good from the sanctuary through the cameras; Glenn is working on that. These are things we can do something about and fix on our own. Yesterday’s problem was not “ours” – a faulty internet connection in the sanctuary was the problem.

We have a work-around and we are hoping that next Sunday’s service will run smoothly on-line and in-building. Thanks go to your “ministers of technology and sound” for working on this!

Lisa does monitor the Facebook comment section through our services and shares those comments that come in. She also monitors e-mails sent to from those who are watching the service on YouTube and sending questions and comments. It is our hope that those who are joining us from home will still feel part of our services.

We continue to encourage people to give their offerings through electronic means (through the Canada Helps web site – click here – or through e-transfer – as the offering plate will not be passed (although it will be placed on the back table for those who wish to use their tithe envelopes).

As we speak about Stewardship, these are our emphases for the coming months:

  • In October we receive a Thank offering, to help share the Good News of Jesus around the world.
  • In November we emphasize our commitment to Eliezer Suarez, a child we have sponsored.
  • December is Compassionate Ministries Month, and our special offering helps a specific need*.
  • In February we receive an offering in support of the two churches in Cuba we have sponsored.
  • And in March/April we receive our “Easter Offering”; again, to share the Good News of Jesus.

*This year’s compassionate ministries offering will go to our work in Beirut Lebanon. We as a denomination operate a school in the mountains of Beirut, and the church in Lebanon works with refugees from Palestine and Syria.

This Wednesday – as we do each Wednesday evening – we’ll meet at 7:00 pm through ZOOM in our "virtual prayer room" . . . to pray for one another and for others . . . audibly or silently. I will send our prayer requests out with the sign-in information today (to enter the prayer room click here . . . or when you open ZOOM in your browser or open the app the Meeting ID is 760 4098 0245; the passcode is 3R9gvp ). Please join us.